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We are always interested in contacts to motivated and talented individuals who are interested in working at Unnaryd Modell. Even if we currently don’t have any open positions you are welcome to send your resume and a short cover letter explaining your background and which positions you would be interested in.

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Working at Unnaryd Modell

It is both stimulating and demanding working at Unnaryd Modell. We have high ambitions and a drive to grow ourselves and our business, at the same time our customers have high demands on quality, price and delivery performance.

Knowledge is one of our core values and we focus on the continuous learning in all steps of our production. The personnel is our most valuable resource and we offer possibilities to grow – independent of where in the organisation you work.

Our value Making means that we invest in new technology and having capacity in all required production processes. Investments in new technology opens new possibilities for personal development.

The value Difference means that we have an open attitude towards customers, suppliers and to each other at the workplace. We emphasize good communication and try to make a difference to the customer. As employer we respect and act responsibly towards our employees, as employee you are expected to respect the company and your colleagues.

Unnaryd Modell strive to be a modern and attractive workplace where we enjoy working together. Our production is run in modern, bright facilities with a focus on production flow. That enables high productivity and a good working environment.

Unnaryd Modell