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Milled products

To see things for real; to feel, twist and turn a physical model is invaluable. It is at the prototype level possible errors and scarcities should be found. Much time and money can be saved. Many of the milled products we produce are for the automotive industry. It can be everything from small interior details to large exterior parts or engine components. Starting from a 3D model, we mill models where the result is optimal in shape and surface structure.

With close contacts and open communication between us and the customer the outcome gets perfect. Short lead time, punctuality and know-how have always been our strengths. Today it is more important than ever.

Design milling

We mill products in different materials depending on the demands on the product. Block plastics, aluminium, steel, bronze or acrylic are common in our production. Design models for verification are normally milled ready without polishing. Through optimisation of the milling process in 5-axis CNC-machines the surfaces get a roughness as low as 3/1000 mm.

Aluminium products for the automotive industry can often be single pieces for concept cars. In many cases we polish the finished product to high gloss, in other cases we glass blast the surface to bring out certain design details. With our extensive engineering and milling capacity and long experience we can handle big projects in short time. You are welcome to test us!

Milled prototypes

Complete milling of prototypes are often automotive components in various materials. For example when demands on material properties do not allow sand casting or if the required number of parts makes it more cost efficient to mill the part from a block material. It can also be a solution to shorten lead time or even a more cost efficient solution when the requested quantity is low. We have experience of milling both body parts and engine/transmission components to trucks and passenger cars.

Casting models

We have manufactured casting models for over 35 years. This has given us valuable experience and knowledge in the area. From a 2D drawing or a 3D model we design a digital casting model. The model is then milled in plastic materials, aluminium or steel depending on the requirements. We prefer to mill the casting systems in order to minimize the manual work.

Our model production comprises 10 CNC-machines with varying geometrical capacity. We can handle models up to a size of 2600×1100 mm in 3-axis milling and up to diameter 1800 mm in 5-axis milling.

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