Drönarbild över Unnaryd

Environment & sustainability

We are actively engaged in sustainability and have a culture to minimize the effect on our environment. If you visit the beautiful village of Unnaryd you will understand why! Sustainability is a central part of our company strategy and has been an important argument for strategic decisions for a long time. Our aim to improve sustainability in the following areas:


  • Resource efficiency through the optimized use of materials
  • Internal re-cycling of sand and metal
  • Minimizing emissions and residues from our business
  • Efficient energy consumption from renewable resources
  • Product feedback to our customers to improve sustainability; for example, by increasing the use of recycled aluminium
  • Investments in solar energy on our buildings


  • Profitability and stable cash flow as a base for long term sustainable development
  • Low financial debt and good relations with our bank creates stability and security for long term action
  • Financial governance with external auditor in our companies
  • We own our production facilities

Social responsibility

  • Ethical guidelines to assure that we and our suppliers fulfil international conventions and local legislation
  • We are positive to our employees’ engagement in local associations and sponsor these
  • We work closely together with schools to ensure long term competence and offer internships for students

Employees and management

  • Education and training for employees
  • An including and equal opportunity workplace
  • Routines and guidelines that create safety, security, and commitment
  • Support at work and work-life balance

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Drönarbild över Unnaryd

Environment & sustainability

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