Merry Christmas!

Bilden visar Unnaryd Modells medarbetare som spelar Padel

Merry Christmas!

Unnaryd Modell says thank you for 2021. New employees and customers, challenging projects and exciting investments. What else could we wish? Perhaps that Covid-19 had not been so persistent, but we must all handle that as good as we can for a while longer.
This year’s Christmas gift from our fantastic employees was to give money to Musikhjälpen, an annually recurring event that focus on aid for specific problem. This year’s focus was for a world with no child labour. Many thanks for that!

From Unnaryd Modell we gave a Christmas gift to the local sports club UGoIF. They received Padel rackets that are now available to borrow in the new Padel centre in Unnaryd. We are very impressed by the commitment and amount of work put in during the building of the centre. The whole village can be proud, both for the commitment and the result.

Merry Christmas everyone!